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December 2, 2021

Architecting Future-Proof Enterprises with a Connected Enterprise Architecture

Join us and get inspired learning the latest trends, best practices, and challenges regarding enterprise architecture. Hear from leading industry leaders and your peers about how the role of the enterprise architect is evolving to meet the moment and supporting business transformation.


Keynote: Moving to Next-Gen Enterprise Architecture​ (15')

Enterprise architecture (EA)continues to evolve as organizations prioritize being lean, agile, and resilient. We’ve all seen those academic approaches to enterprise architecture have failed to demonstrate value. The modern EA Enterprise Architect needs to provide insights and share recommendations on how to build a future-proof enterprise. In this session, learn how to build a business case for connected EA to accelerate EA efforts and gain real agility and resilience.

Luca de Risi

Chief Operating Officer

MEGA International

The State of Enterprise Architecture in 2021 and Beyond (20’)

Enterprise architecture is evolving to focus more on digital business, customer experience, and product and services delivery. Hear from one of the leading analysts on what these changes mean to the Enterprise Architect’s current role and how it will need to evolve into the future.

Gordon Barnett

Principal EA Analyst


Robert Raiola

Chief Marketing Officer

MEGA International

Accelerating Business Value with Automation and Artificial Intelligence (20’)

Traditional enterprise architecture is often portrayed as slow to deliver value and actionable insights to the business. In this presentation hear how automation and artificial intelligence can help deliver value and accelerate enterprise architecture initiatives.

Dan Hedba

Chief Strategy Officer

MEGA International

Roundtable: Supporting Business Transformation with Enterprise Architecture (40’)

As enterprises invest more in digitization, the role of the Enterprise Architect will need to evolve. In this panel session, hear from your peers around how business stakeholders are perceiving the value of enterprise architecture and what challenges EAs need to tackle to deliver real business value.

Than Nagashunmugam

Vice President


Francis Bell

Head of Architecture Methods and Platforms


David Lawrie

Enterprise Architect

TNT / Fedex Express

Olivier Fouquet

EA & IT Security Team Leader

Bordeaux Métropole

Dan Hedba

Chief Strategy Officer

MEGA International

Unlock the Full Transformative Potential of Data by Connecting Data Governance and Enterprise Architecture (20’)

In a data-driven digital economy organizations seek to understand how to better leverage data to fuel their business growth. In this session, learn how Data governance provides organizations with a better grasp on how data is captured and flows from systems, applications, and processes. 

Frédéric Fourquet

Product Marketing Manager

MEGA International

Isabelle Debeaupuis

SG Group Chief Architect

Société Générale

Roundtable: How Business Process Management and Process Mining can support Business Transformation (30’)

Business process modeling helps companies describe how processes are supposed to be executed. Process Mining exposes how processes are really executed and identifies the root cause of performance issues. These two concepts are vital to the success of any transformation project as you can’t transform without understanding what’s currently working or not. In this panel session we’ll explore the potential of process mining and how it supports transformation projects such as ERP deployment.

Daniel Page

Senior SAP Project Manager


Paul Estrach

Product Marketing Director

MEGA International

Fabrice Vila

Service Director

MEGA International

Cédric Le Rouzo

VP Alliances & Partners


Architecting the Resilient Enterprise with Integrated Risk Management (20’)

Building resilient organizations in an environment plagued by a pandemic, cyberattacks, natural hazards, and social unrest, has become an imperative. As many organizations remain blindsided in assessing the impact of disruptions on their business operations, enterprise architects can come to the rescue and help them understand how to create a more resilient organization by leveraging Enterprise Architecture with Integrated Risk Management. 

Michael Rasmussen

GRC Analyst & Pundit

GRC 20/20 Research

Cyril Amblard-Ladurantie

Product Marketing Manager

MEGA International

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